Boatasy Ghook

The GHOOK gaff hook consists of a handle with an inserted swivel wheel and a safety latch. In addition, a tow rope can be attached for even easier handling.


Wash hands and cover
With an attached tow rope, the mooring line can be transferred to a lower position, below the boat's gunwale without fear of it hitting the boat's fenders.

Mud and shells attached to the mooring line will fall into the water instead of onto the deck. It also protects the hands of the crew and provides a much smoother and faster docking experience.

Transfer up to 3 times faster
Docking speed is especially crucial in windy conditions, which can lead to drifting, potential collisions, hand injuries, or at least a lot of stress. For this reason, the GHOOK mooring hook design now offers optimal speed and force performance.

Special attention has been paid to minimizing the friction caused by ropes that are too large.

Algae and shells are not an obstacle to this. Compared to traditional docking, it speeds up the docking process by up to 3 times.