Cool box Marine Ultra III 25qt - 23 L

Functional and resistant COMPACT refrigerator (salt, UV,...). Ideal for a sea voyage or a fishing trip.


Exceptional thermal insulation obtained by injection of Thermecool™* insulating foam in the box and lid. This process ensures perfect insulation and hardens the cooler.

Anti-UV treatment.
Cool Riser raised base to limit cooler contact with the floor.
Marine grade stainless steel hinges and screws.
Comfortable non-slip handles for easy transport.
Depending on model:

Riteflex®** locking latch reinforced with stainless steel hardware.
Lid with empty can holder.
The lid includes a graduated scale for measuring fish.
Integrated drain and vent drain.
*Thermecool™ is a new type of foam insulation, a more environmentally friendly solution that also insulates more effectively.

**Riteflex® resin offers very high resistance to impact, temperature and chemicals. Its mechanical resistance to repeated bending is much higher than that of polypropylene.

Before use, it is advisable to place a bed of ice at the bottom of the refrigerator, this will increase its storage capacity (up to 5 days for models from 50 L - laboratory tests below 30°).