Ashtray with windproof lid - sport mb

The two-tone mb ashtray with flag appliqué, with a more sporty style, with a non-slip base and lid.


The SPORT series of nautical accessories of the WINDPROOF ashtray with lid has a sporty design with flag appliqué.

They are specially designed as a nautical accessory.

The inner casserole is made of stainless steel and covered with leatherette fabric, the base of which is filled with weight to make the ashtrays stable and non-slip, preventing them from slipping off the table with the risk of cigarette butts falling to the floor.

In addition, its stainless steel anti-wind cover prevents the ash from flying and dirtying our boat. An essential nautical item in any situation.

The WINDPROOF ashtray with lid is available in three models.

Variety of designs, colors and materials in the 5 different series of windproof ashtrays: premium, sport, classic and suede.